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Our Company

Our Company TECHNOMEP, was established in 1972 in Piraeus and since 2008 works in new modern facilities in Schisto Industrial Park.

Technomep has implemented and maintains a Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008.

Our core operation of TECHNOMEP is engineering and machining processes. We have also developed a specific activity in the sectors of metallic construction, heavy metal surfaces (corrosion protection), defence equipment and all types of welding (aluminum-stainless-special alloys). The last years and after of longtime experience, we are engaged in sector of expertise and inspections. Our main sectors are shipping, industry, railway, energy and defence.

We ensure quality results of our works with our experienced and certified inspectors in EN ISO 9712 and by American standards, experts and certified staff.

We undertake inspections in Greece and around the world into the fields below with reference report.
1. Visual and general product testing, machinery, metal products / structure and machining.
2. Visual and welding inspections of all types of welded compounds / metal structures.
3. Inspections metallic materials / prroducts:
- Ultrasonic (UT)
- Magnetic particles (MT)
- Liquid Penetrant (PT)
4. Measurements and inspections of paint and clean.
5. First article inspection.
6. Customer Quality Representative.
7. Technical staff evaluation.

We have developed in our facilities, a training Center for the welder's preparation and certification by others organizations. Our vision is the creation of a Training Center for Metal foil technicians and Pipe technicians.